Bao Fun MM2H

Bao Fun (MM2H) Sdn. Bhd. is a service arm under the Henry Butcher Malaysia group, and is established to assist foreigners who wish to either retire or invest in Malaysia, under the Malaysia My Second Home programme. A Licensed MM2H Agent by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, we work closely with the Ministry by taking part in foreign and local expatriate and tourism exhibitions.

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) is a programme introduced by the Government of Malaysia to allow citizens of all countries that are recognised by Malaysia - regardless of race, religion, gender and age - to stay in Malaysia for a period of 10 years and is renewable thereafter.

When our clients choose to apply for MM2H status through us, our service starts from the comfort of our clients’ home wherever they are, right up to finding a new home and settling down.

Bao Fun (MM2H) truly believes Malaysia is a beautiful country to work, live and play in, without compromising one’s need to feel more at home; and hence our concerted effort to promote Malaysia as a whole to the world.


Participants are allowed to bring unmarried children (below 21 years) along with them.

Parents’ Special Visa

Participants are allowed to bring parents (aged 60 and above) on a special 6-months social visit renewable visa (as long as participant’s MM2H visa is valid).

House Purchase

Any foreigner may purchase any number of residential properties in Malaysia, subject to the minimum prices set for foreigners by the different states. The national minimum price is RM1,000,000 per unit and is observed by most states.


The participant’s foreign-sourced income or pensions are not subject to tax if such income is remitted to Malaysia (effective since Year of Assessment (Y/A) 2004).

Car Purchase

The participant will be given exemptions on import duty, excise duty and sales tax:

  • When the participant brings in his own personal car
  • When the participant purchases a locally-assembled car
  • The personal car has to be imported into Malaysia within 6 months of the MM2H Visa endorsement date
  • Purchase of locally-assembled car has to be completed within 12 months of the MM2H Visa endorsement date.


Participant’s children can receive education (up to age of 18) under a MM2H study permit in public or private schools in Malaysia. For participant’s children aged above 21 years, the participant may apply for a student pass for their children who wish to study in local colleges and universities.


Advanced medical facilities are widely available to participants in Malaysia. Part of the participant’s medical needs will be covered under the compulsory medical insurance.


MM2H participants are allowed to invest and actively participate in business, subject to existing Government policies, regulations and guidelines which are in force for the relevant sectors.

Live-in Maid

Participants are allowed to apply for one foreign maid, subject to the prevailing guidelines of the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

20-hr per week Special Work Permit for Main Applicant (Age 50 & above)

Participants are allowed to apply for a special work permit to work under certain critical sectors subject to the prevailing guidelines of the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Our comprehensive services include :

  • Application of MM2H visa and other related services.
  • Application to renew and to extend the visa or to replace new visa endorsements on the new passports for whatsoever reasons.
  • Application to terminate participation in MM2H Programme and to withdraw participant’s entire fixed deposit.
  • Any matters related to house rental or house purchase.
  • Application for tax exemption for bringing in your car or buying a locally imported car.
  • Arrangement to bring in participant’s personal belongings to Malaysia.
  • Application for a live-in maid.
  • Application to withdraw part of the fixed deposit after a period of 1 year for the purchase of house, education and medical purposes.
  • Applying for telecommunications and utilities services (telephone, electricity, water supply, etc).
  • Local tour.
  • Assistance in getting legal advice.
  • Assistance in getting medical services.
  • Assistance in getting consultation on home design, renovation and construction.
  • Any other services upon specific request.
  • Application for students’ passes for participant’s children who wish to study in Malaysia.

For our clients who wish to build a new life in Malaysia, we also provide advisory services on :

  • Property investment.
  • Corporate investment.
  • Company formation, partnership and work permit.