Asset Auctioneers

Henry Butcher Asset Auctioneers Sdn. Bhd. (HBAA) was set up to focus on the auction business on a nationwide basis. With a dedicated team of full time staff, we believe we are in a better position to service our clients and associates more efficiently and effectively. Presently the HBAA team consists of 23 licensed auctioneers nationwide, each with 5 to 20 years of experience in conducting auctions.

At HBAA we have conducted auction exercises for major accountancy firms, banks and other financial institutions.

Henry Butcher Malaysia as a Group offers a wide spectrum of consultancy services in real estate, and plant and machinery, HBAA is able to tap into the resources and in-house expertise of the Group in the areas of valuation, marketing and real estate agency, property management as well as market research and development consultancy. The key managers running HBAA are themselves property valuers and real estate consultants besides being licensed auctioneers. We believe it is this inherent strength which sets us apart from others in the auction business.

Conducting public auctions of land, buildings and chattels for the High Courts or land administrators.

Conducting public auctions of land, buildings and chattels for financial institutions.

Conducting private auctions of land, buildings and chattels for corporate or individual owners.

To assist clients to bid for property at public or private auction.

We understand the painstaking and time-consuming process which our client has to go through in disposing its distressed properties. To assist our clients more effectively, we constantly seek to explore innovative and effective sale methods, which will attain the best possible capital return for our clients.

Improving the way auctions are carried out

We adopt a marketing-centric approach to the whole auction process. By analysing the properties put up for auction, we are able to identify the profile of the likely bidders and develop a marketing programme to reach out to these bidders. We carry out educational programmes by distributing step-by-step guides on how to buy properties through auctions and carry out explanatory talks at road shows and seminars and disseminate information through press articles and interviews. We adopt a variety of focused marketing programmes to reach out to the targeted bidders - road shows, press advertisements, leaflet drops, press releases, banners, info packs and through networking with other real estate agents, solicitors and financiers.

Walking the Extra Mile

As part of a nationwide practice offering the full spectrum of consultancy services, we are able to tap into our in-house expertise and databank, whenever required and offer expertise in many areas which other auctioneers are not able to. We are able to:

  • Enhance the marketing of the properties i.e. desirability of properties in certain areas being put up for auction by means of utilising our updated database of information on the property market.
  • Develop sales techniques with advice from our project marketing experts which could be adopted in promoting the property auctions.
  • Provide property management services to enhance the value of the properties purchased prior to being rented out or resold which can only be rendered by Registered Property Management Companies (as regulated by the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents), in the event of a buy back by the assignee.
  • Provide estate agency services i.e. getting potential buyers to bid and subsequently where required getting the unit tenanted and resold with the tenancy.
  • Mail Proclamation of Sales directly to defaulters/assignors/owners at their property and correspondence address to remind them of the forthcoming auction.
  • Liaise with the developer to obtain the required consent letters and at times, even a reduction of the outstanding service charges.
  • Assist our clients to conduct auctions wherever required through our nationwide network and offices in Peninsular and East Malaysia.