Art Auctioneers

Malaysia’s art industry is on the rise, thanks to a growing interest from Malaysians and an increasing awareness of art as an asset. However, art collection remains confined to a select few, and transactions were mainly done through dealers, galleries and privately between collectors, and auctions are few and far between.

This was where Henry Butcher Malaysia saw an opportunity - an avenue for transparent transactions of art pieces for galleries, collectors and investors. In 2009, Henry Butcher Malaysia, leveraging on its experience in asset auctioning, from real estate to plant & machinery, established Henry Butcher Art Auctioneers, offering artwork appraisal & consultancy and private selling of artworks, and aspiring to be the professional art auction house of choice in Malaysia.

To encourage art collecting and investment in Malaysia.

To establish an open and transparent platform for transaction of artworks in Malaysia and a reference point for prices of artworks in Malaysia.

To provide a benchmark for prices of Malaysian artworks.

To support Malaysian artists and promote Malaysian art.

Curating, assessment and auction of collectibles eg. Peranakan porcelainware, jewellery, embroidery and beadwork.

To work closely with all parties in the Malaysian Art community to foster healthy and sustainable growth of local art market and have since 2013 expanded to regional art markets in Southeast Asia.


In line with our primary objective, we hold regular auctions of Malaysian artworks, constantly reviewing consignments referred to us, carrying out evaluation, price estimates and authentication, as well as advice on measures to improve sale prices (such as restoration, reframing, etc.).

Artwork Appraisal & Consultancy

Our specialists offer artwork appraisal and consultancy services for various purposes, such as insurance, estate & financial planning and others.

Special Projects & Events

We undertake special auctions project for charity and any other projects that are in line with our corporate objectives and philosophy.

Public Art Program & Education

Henry Butcher Art Auctioneers holds regular art talks to educate the public on art collection and appreciation, history of Malaysian art, art as an investment, art care and conservation, artist's talks and other art related topics to constantly create, educate and build awareness on art.

Most high value artwork auctioned at Henry Butcher Art Auctioneers

6 May 2012 Ibrahim Hussein, Datuk - Red, Orange and Core, 1984 [198.3cm x 271.4cm] Acrylic on canvas, RM797,500 (price including buyer’s premium)

Art Friends for Haiyan Charity Art Auction December 2013

Working in collaboration with MERCY Malaysia and Henry Butcher Art Auctioneers, RM572,500 was raised with proceeds donated to the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

Art For Life Charity Auction

Feb 2009

Raised more than RM70K

Art Auction Malaysia 2010

More than 80% sales

More than RM1.70 mil

Art Auction Malaysia 2011

More than 90% sales

More than RM3.10 mil

Art Auction Malaysia May 2012

May 2012

100% sales

More than RM4.00 mil

Art Auction Malaysia October 2012

October 2012

95% sales

RM3.75 mil

The Young Contempo Charity Auction 2012

Raised more than RM200K

Malaysian & Southeast Asian Art Auction

April 2013

99% sales

RM3.45 mil

Malaysian & Southeast Asian Art Auction

November 2013

97% sales

RM3.51 mil

Malaysian & Southeast Asian Art Auction

April 2014

97% sales

RM3.00 mil

Malaysian & Southeast Asian Art Auction

April 2014

97% sales

RM3.00 mil

Malaysian & Southeast Asian Art Auction

November 2014

93% sales

RM32.98 mil

Malaysian & Southeast Asian Art Auction

March 2015

91% sales

RM2.25 mil

Malaysian & Southeast Asian Art Auction

October 2015

93% sales

RM2.30 mil

Malaysian & Southeast Asian Art Auction

April 2016

83.3% sales

More than RM1.00 mil