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Track Record

We have conducted a vast number of studies which includes townships, resorts, hotels, condominiums, offices, retail centres, town centres, residential and industrial properties. In the course of our work we have also undertaken assignments to revive projects, review concepts, reassess positioning and advise on maximizing values.
Our teams have completed assignments including:

Scope of Services

Market Research

The purpose of research, as we envision is to ensure that the client is posed with sufficient knowledge of all factors bearing on his/her project, to allow decisions pertaining to it are fully informed and rational and that the balance between potential risks and potential rewards are correctly identified.
Successful development is naturally influenced by economic business cycles, which may be global, national or merely local.



As property development becomes more competitive, and property investors are more sophisticated, the need for market research is felt to be more urgent than ever before. Whether you are a housing developer about to formulate your layout plan or an institution contemplating on a multi-million purchase, the role of market research is often central and critical to the success or failure of your scheme.