Scope of Services

The aim of our property management activities is to manage and maintain the property professionally and efficiently and at the same time, we will ensure that the building and its facilities are maintained in good conditions.
The detailed scope of activities is outlined as follows:

Property Management Click for more information

Responsible for the operations and maintenance of the property.
Includes maintenance of all mechanical and electrical equipment (air-conditioners, lifts, PA system, lighting, pumps, gen-set, etc) and periodic cleaning of facilities (exterior, corridors, toilets, common areas, etc).
Includes preventive maintenance programs and audit, oversight of third-party vendors and contractors. Integrates with, or customizes current Building Automation System to suit client requirements.

Security Management Click for more information

Responsible for property security, including building security systems, CCTV and personnel.
Determines appropriate security measures and concierge training to suit building tenant profiles and needs.
Provides recommendations on security systems and their estimated investment. In some operations, an in-house security officer oversees a third-party security company.

Safety Management Click for more information

Responsible on overall building safety including inspection, audit and testing of critical fire control, electrical, plumbing, cabling and pump systems.
Oversees fire drills and emergency evacuation programs and liaises with the local Police and Bomba authorities.
Responsible to provide safety equipment for staff such as safety boots, helmets, etc.

Regulations, Assessment and Liability Advisory Click for more information

Advises on statutory legislation and regulations from local council, Land Office, Tenaga, SYABAS (Water), Police and Bomba authorities.
Facilitates appropriate insurance plans and programs with relevant vendors. Insurance and legal advisory are executed with the consultation and consent of the building owner and insurance broker.
Facilitates assessment rebate and discount with local council, when applicable. Assists building owners in achieving certification for various schemes such as the Bomba building certification program.

Operations Efficiency Advisory Click for more information

Value-add function to improve energy conservation and cost savings on operational issues including facilities management.
Audit function benchmarks existing programs with industry practices and devises improvement programs.

Improvements and Upgrading Click for more information

Keep abreast of trends and changes in design, facilities and operation of industrial complex, and advise client on improvement and upgrading that will enhance income yield and/or capital value.

Management Reporting Click for more information

Provides building owner with extensive reports on property management operations. Sets the performance standards, framework and responsibility for operational scope between the property manager and the owner.
Active liaison with owner on sensitive or urgent issues including security, legal, insurance and emergency situations, which require owner consent and/or action.

Liaison with Henry Butcher Group Click for more information

Facilitates liaison with other Henry Butcher Group departments for various services, such as Valuation, Market Research / Consultancy, Agency or other affiliates.