Real Estate Investment Advisory

Real estate is the only asset class that acts as a good hedge against inflation. In today's dynamic market conditions, investors are always on the look out for quality investments that will help bolster their existing investment portfolio. Sound real estate investments offer an excellent opportunity for investors to maximize and grow the value of their portfolio. We recognize that real estate investment advisory is about anticipating market movements, assessing market opportunities, optimizing the value of the asset and overseeing the investment transaction smoothly. With our multidisciplinary approach to real estate, our investment agency and advisory team capitalizes on this strength to combine research-led analysis with their deal making ability to offer clients with a range of cutting-edge services, which include:


Strategic investment analysis and advisory

We research into market prospects of the property, evaluate its strengths and undertake cash flow analysis to assess the investment potential of the property and its current market pricing.


Development appraisal and advisory

For development land, we undertake development appraisal and advise investors on the market prospects and development potential of the property.


Investment marketing

Using our extensive network and marketing knowledge, we streamline an appropriate marketing campaign for the property and also select the target market for the campaign.


Negotiation and transaction advisory

We use our tactical knowledge and negotiation expertise to bring the deal into conclusion, acting as a buffer between parties in the negotiation process.


Planning / authority liaison

Our established network with local authorities and planners allow us to access planning and authority guidelines.


Legal liaison

Whilst working out the legal documentation with legal advisors to conclude a deal, we are able to offer useful and practical advice based on our extensive experience to ensure that the deal can be taken to its ultimate conclusion and not be derailed by impractical legal impediments.

We work with a network of investors comprising major institutional investors, real estate and private equity funds, property investment companies, property developers, corporate and private investors throughout Malaysia as well as internationally.