Scope of Services

Design development

Provide marketing input and advice to assist the project’s team of consultants in refining the design to suit market preferences and requirements.

Marketing audit

Carry out marketing audit to identify shortcomings and provide remedial actions and solutions to reposition and relaunch the projects.

Marketing planning

Analyze the project’s and competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and formulate the appropriate mix of strategies covering the identification of the right target market, market positioning, communications strategies, pricing strategies, sales strategies, budgeting and the right timing to launch the project.

Market intelligence

Track market movement and emergence of new trends as well as monitor the launch of new projects.

Advertising and promotions

Provide marketing direction and leadership in formulating an effective and focused A&P campaign.

Project launches

Organize all sales launches and provide full sales team support during the launches.

Sales promotions

Carry out sales promotions campaigns and road shows at real estate exhibitions, shopping centres, office complexes and any suitable venues (local as well as overseas), including attending to all organizational aspects of the road shows and sales team support.

Sales administration

Assist in all related sales documentation and processes including following up on the signing of S&P agreements, legal documents, loan applications and collection of payments.