Scope of Services


In line with our primary objective, we will be holding regular auctions of Malaysian artworks. We constantly review consignments referred to us, carrying out evaluation, price estimates and authentication, as well as advice on measures to improve sale prices (such as restoration, reframing, etc.). Our auction schedules are announced in art magazines, media releases, notices to our clients and collectors. We hold previews in strategic locations in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Singapore.


Artwork Appraisal & Consultancy

Our specialists offer artwork appraisal and consultancy services for various purposes, such as insurance, estate & financial planning and others.


Special auction projects

We undertake special auctions project for charity and any other projects that are in line with our corporate objectives and philosophy.


Public Art Program & Education

HBAA holds regular art talks to educate the public on art collection and appreciation, history of Malaysian art, art as an investment, art care and conservation, artist's talks and other art related topics to constantly in the education forefront to create, educate and build awareness on art.



Online newsletters are available bi-monthly from our website and easily accessed. They are also circulated via email to our clients, collectors and other players in the art industry.