The marketing of property projects require a distinct set of skills and expertise which are far more complex and sophisticated than that required in selling or renting an individual house, apartment, office space, shop , factory or even a piece of land. Our in-depth and intimate knowledge of the property development industry as well as firm grasp of marketing principles and concepts provide us with an unparalleled edge in assisting property developers to move their projects from the drawing board to physical realization. We are able to assist clients in planning and design as well as formulating innovative and effective marketing strategies specially tailored for each project. This could easily relate to:

  • Marketing of new projects where our involvement can be from start to finish.
  • Assisting developers in replanning and relaunching projects which have been less successful in terms of sales achievements.
  • Assisting in re-launching of rehabilitated projects i.e. projects which have been abandoned previously but are being revived by another developer or government agency.
  • Provision of marketing consultancy services i.e. providing consultancy and advisory services to developers who have their own marketing team to handle the project but not the experience or expertise in handling that particular type of project.

Our Philosophy

We believe that to be successful, the initial planning for the project must be done well and based on thorough research and a deep understanding of market dynamics, not on gut feel. At the end of the day, the success of a project is measured not just by how well a project is sold but also by how much returns are generated for the project and how highly regarded the project is, in the eyes of the public even long after the project has been completed. Our basic business philosophy is simple: provide value added services which will help our clients achieve more than what they set out for their projects.